Mr Mentor is an innovative web based, fully animated learning tool made up of more than 800 short videos. At the end of each scene a multiple choice question will be asked. With the help of logic and the power of deduction, the user will be led through different points of grammar and vocabulary. Mr Mentor is a highly interactive tool that supports but also challenges the user on every step of his learning path.  


The best way to learn is in context and real life situations, not through static pictures which are often boring.


Through fun and animated cartoons we will present new vocabulary and grammar points to you, so that you can learn in context


Whereas other language learning apps focus on learning through translation, we will teach you directly in the target language, just like you learnt your mother tongue.

It is scientifically proven that learning a language through translation hinders fluency and doesn't create automatic reflexes in the target language, which is essential for speaking a language.

Our immersion method ensures language learning is fast, clear and natural.


Learning a language is like gymnastics: you need to practice in order to become skilled. And to practice a language, you need interaction.

The main characters of the app will accompany you on your language learning journey and interact with you like real mentors. 

You will have many conversations with them, always in the target language.


Learning through an immersion approach is only possible when all language items are presented in a clear context and when your advancement is being monitored in a progressive way. 


Step by step you will increase your language skills and build on what you have learnt previously.


Just like building a house!


Unlike most of the other language learning apps on the market, Mr Mentor will not just teach you vocabulary. 

Our method is based on years of language teaching experience. During his coaching career, instead of giving long grammar explanations or translating new words, Gregory - one of Mr Mentor's creators - used to draw scenes with characters on the blackboard, adding, changing and deleting some elements to trigger specific reactions from students, the 'light bulb moment' He noticed how some series of drawings were much more effective than long and wordy explanations were, to present grammar points. And that was the starting point of Mr Mentor. 

Mr Mentor relies on the natural human ability to deduce things when presenting new language elements and then uses the repetition of new structures to encourage you to practice and assimilate them. Step by step you will go deeper into the new language, but always at your very own pace. At the end of each chapter you will find a recap of what has been introduced in terms of vocabulary and grammar, so you can review all elements anytime you want and remove any uncertainty you may have after each activity.


What’s better than learning something new whilst having fun? Our gaming approach always leaves the user wanting more.

Every language element is consolidated in a fun way by a series of activities and games.