Meet Mr Mentor the groundbreaking language app for your company

Mr Mentor is an innovative web based, fully animated learning tool made up of more than 800 short videos.

A highly interactive tool

Mr. Mentor is the interactive language learning master, engaging the user from the get go.

Our method of language learning is to always foster and maintain active speaking skills in the target language from the start.

The very essence of Mr. Mentor is to connect this approach with our captivating animated characters, encouraging effective communication that is both authentic and tangible.
This unique combination enables the user to make rapid progress absorbing grammar and vocabulary with ease.

Custom built for companies and individuals alike, Mr. Mentor is the fully integrated smart platform offering unparalleled, innovative features.



Unique in design and concept, each scene is delightfully 100% animated to both educate and entertain the user.

Each character, each scene carefully constructed to inspire and motivate.

Every vignette recreates factual situations, teaching the grammar structures and apt vocabulary that the learner can use with immediate effect in practical settings.


Learning in context is critical to progress, therefore each scene is written to mimic ‘real life’ situations with clarity and logic.

Mr. Mentor’s learning path takes you on a journey of rapid advancement, coaching you in the language elements you need to communicate successfully.


Created by experienced language coaches, the clearly defined learning track is based on years of successful ‘real time’ teaching, always driving the user forward to achieving their learning goals.


Encouraging interactivity is crucial in the development of the user’s active language knowledge; passive learning being a roadblock to active learning.  

The focus of Mr. Mentor is always on listening and responding, just like real life!


Language acquisition is not simply a series of sounds but the evolution of cultures. Mr. Mentor is always written and presented by native speakers, every accent and nuance included.


Carefully crafted, exquisitely presented with humour and wit, Mr. Mentor provides the user with a compelling, challenging and yet always an immensely entertaining and satisfying approach to language acquisition.