How it works

You think learning a language is really difficult? Time consuming? Boring? Not with Mr Mentor.

Mr Mentor is a unique, innovative web based, fully animated learning tool made up of more than 800 short videos per level.

Moreover, on top of this efficient and original language learning concept, we offer all the traditional features of an e-learning platform (with vocabulary lists, grammar overviews and many additional exercises), making Mr Mentor the most comprehensive e-learning platform for language learning.


Through animation new language elements will be presented to you in a clear context. At the end of every engaging animated scene there are interactive exercises such as a multiple-choice questions, word games and gap fill exercises to further build on and consolidate the learning process.  

With the help of logic and deduction, the user will be led through different points of grammar and vocabulary, always in context and always based on real life situations.  

Each level consists of a certain number of chapters. Each chapter consists of several animations and is built around a certain topic or grammar point. At the end of the chapter, the user will be able to look at the vocabulary list, the grammar overview and make lots of additional exercises.

This extraordinary level of interactivity and animation sets Mr. Mentor apart from any other language learning tool on the market today.

It truly is in a class of it’s own.


Levels are based on the Common European Framework. Mr Mentor is designed for low to –upper-intermediate levels, from A0 up to B1 included, and aims to build a solid active foundation in the target language. Do you wish to learn a language from scratch? Do you need a thorough brush-up of your active language skills? Then Mr Mentor is the ideal tool for you!

With our step-by-step progressive approach, your language learning journey takes a steady yet always advancing pace, never losing momentum. Combining education with entertainment, progress is satisfyingly quantifiable.

Users are never left in limbo and with a little time and commitment this holistic approach will have you reaching your language goals in no time, moving seamlessly through the levels as required to finally attain your dream objectives.

Your subscription

Your learning adventure starts with a language test, unless you are a complete beginner, in which case you can subscribe to the A1 track. After the test you will receive the test result and you will be assigned to a course, which you can access via your email address and password.

You will have the choice between Mr Mentor Light (access to 1 level during 1 month), Mr Mentor Premium (access to 1 level during 3 months) and Mr Mentor Pro (access to 2 levels during 5 months). Please click here to see the prices. If you combine Mr Mentor with a course at Semantics, you will have access to the platform for the whole duration of your course.

Your Profile

The ideal web based solution for large corporates and SMEs, Mr. Mentor caters for individuals as well as homogenous groups of employees, at the same level of the target language

The unique ‘back office’ tracking feature allows HR & L&D departments to monitor participation and results on a person by person basis.

This invaluable overview enables companies to evaluate the commitment and progress of employees to the language learning process and to assist with planning future learning paths.

Mr Mentor can be used as a stand-alone aid or, ideally, as an additional tool to fast track progress in conjunction with ‘live’ language learning.


Always in the target language and always in context, Mr. Mentor’s immersive method coaches you to think and respond in the target language just as you do in your mother tongue.

Step by step, new language elements are introduced and with the use of clear contextual situations, repetition and plenty of practical exercises the user delves deeper into the target language advancing in active speaking skills and confidence.

Always written by native speakers, every nuance of the target language is logically presented and voiced professional actors, for perfect pronunciation and clarity.

Our Animation

Our cast of delightful, colourful native speaking characters will engage the user from the very first scene.

Every vignette creates realistic scenarios providing the grammatical structures and vocabulary that the user can absorb and then use in real time, whether in their professional life, on their travels or in their day-to-day communications.

The combination of leaning with fun, enables the user to fully enjoy the immersive language learning experience wherever they are, at work or at leisure.